Welcome to the KCTCS 11g DSS (Decision Support System).

OBIEE 11g Training modules are available on the "DSS Users" Point site and inside of Blackboard.Enroll into DSS eCommunity on Blackboard:

1.) Go to elearning.kctcs.edu (KCTCS Blackboard)
2.) Login with your normal KCTCS username and password
3.) Once in Blackboard, click the eCommunity tab at the top
4.) In the Organization Search box, type DSS and click Go
5.) The search will reveal the DSS organization in Blackboard
6.) Hover your mouse over the 8888_KCTCS_DSS course id and you will see a dropdown list to the right. click the dropdown list and click Enroll
7.) Enter the access code upgrade into the Access Code field, then click "Submit"
8.) You will be told that the action was successful
9.) Click ok at the bottom of this screen,
10.) You are now in the DSS Organization. When you need to access the DSS organization, it will be listed directly on your eCommunity list.

If you encounter a problem, need help locating data, or have a suggestion, please create a HelpDesk ticket. A HelpDesk ticket will be routed to the individual most knowledgeable about your issue.


Please check the KCTCS Technology Communication Center for news, updates and alerts, click here